Dear customers,

As you all know the dramatic situation caused by COVID19 has forced us to postpone the opening of our restaurants Caltré (June 23), The Sloop (July 2) and Draulic (July 10), with the economic and logistical consequences that implies.

First of all, thank you for choosing to visit us; we take it as a testimony of the trust and we acknowledge your fidelity.

For your peace of mind and security, preventive measures have been adopted to minimize the potential risk of contagion; measures that necessarily involve your collaboration and understanding. In all our restaurants you will find posters reminding you of good practices that should not be forgotten.

As for our staff, they all undergo a temperature control every day before joining their workplace. All of them use face mask protection, latex gloves and their uniforms undergo a daily wash of more than 60º. Our cleaning team has followed a specific training course on the use of disinfectant products and application procedures. A company specialized in this type of disinfection advises our staff every time we request it.


You will find alcoholic gel dispensers at the entrance of all our restaurants. The TPV will be disinfected after each operation carried out with credit cards.


Tables and chairs will be disinfected after each use. All food elaboration and preparation will be done by personnel specifically trained as food handlers and with the maximum hygiene measures.

You will find the menus of the restaurants in QR format. For those who do not have a Smartphone, you can request the menu on laminated paper that we will disinfect before each use.

The oil for your salads or other needs will be from our own production of centuries-old olive trees from Argudell olives. We will not serve mono doses, but our bottles will be disinfected after each use.


Our kitchen follows all sanitary standards for cleaning and disinfection as well as food handling. A contracted external laboratory performs periodic checks, as well as food, tooling and surface analysis.


All cleaning staff have received specific training on this regard. For each specific need, we use a different chemical product approved and certified by the Government of Catalonia and by the Ministry of Health. The wipes will be systematically changed.


We appeal to everyone’s responsibility to overcome this difficulty. Alone and without your collaboration, we cannot beat the virus. Thank you in advance for your understanding and help.