Draulic Restaurant

Roses, Costa Brava

Draulic is the flagship of Chef Marc Descloux. The space that allows you to face the world and where all the battles are fought.

Draulic prepares what Marc Descloux likes to call “Recovered Cuisine”: Dishes made with local products and cooked using the latest techniques. The space where traditional Mediterranean culture and the savoir faire of Central European cuisine merge.

It is also the place where Marc Descloux wears the Chef d’haute cuisine white dress and – as often as he has availability,  he’ll greet customers at the table.

El Restaurant Draulic es troba en un entorn privilegiat i exclusiu de la Costa Brava, davant de Canyelles Platja a Roses. Gaudeix amb tranquil·litat de la teva experiència al Draulic, disposem d’un servei de xofer privat que et recollirà a qualsevol punt del terme municipal de Roses. Només caldrà que sol·licitis el servei en fer la teva reserva.

A few meters from the rocks that dive into the bay of Roses, witnessing the coming and going of fishing boats and in the heart of the tourist bustle of the Costa Brava, stands the wooden dome of an architectural gem totally out of place, an oasis where time stops and sensations are magnified


+34 972 25 65 00


Avinguda José Díaz Pacheco, 7, 17480, Roses, Girona (Catalonia).


12:00 TO 23:30