Chef Marc Descloux

Albera’s Chef

Marc Descloux is a passionate chef; he is passionate about cooking and also about anything he puts his mind into doing. That is why you will often find him experimenting with new recipes that, having a strong traditional basis, he develops around two aspects that he perfectly dominates: the traditional Catalan cuisine combined with a more classic Central European cuisine.


Creative Cuisine and local products


With a Catalan mother and a Swiss father, Marc Descloux was born in Roses. From his early childhood, he was attracted by the fascination of the contrasts of the Albera Range Mountains. Through discovering and enjoying it in its full spectrum, Marc Descloux manages to bring the Albera aromas and flavours to the kitchen expressing them in his culinary creations. In his dishes, depending on the season, we will find game meat, fresh fish, mushrooms, aromatic herbs or tender shoots of flowers; every product harvested at the territory that he knows and loves so well.

Beyond traditional cooking, the use of new techniques in cooking, together with Marc Descloux’s innate curiosity and indomitable inconformity, leads him to invent new utensils or appliances and new ways of cooking. All this together adds a touch of creativity and exclusivity to everything he cooks.


Located in Roses (Catalonia), Costa Bravas’ privileged enviroment


A new - tradicional cuisine. OPEN


The "recovered cuisine" concept. Open since june


Fresh cuisine by the beach. OPEN

Our oil

Ull de Tramuntana

The variety of our centuries-old olive trees is the Argudell, the characteristic variety of the Serra de Rodes and the Empordà  plain. An olive that gives a silky and unmistakable taste to the oil. The quality of the fruit in our environment combined with the effort of its production results in the oil Ull de Tramuntana. With an intense flavor and a greenish color, it is the best definition of a 100% mono-varietal oil with the minimum manipulation that an unfiltered oil can offer.


In our restaurants and soon on the web


You will always find Ull de Tramuntana oil on the table of our three restaurants; unfiltered, intense green and unmistakable silky taste. Although we produce it mainly for our own consumption, we will soon sell the surplus of our production directly through our website.

Oli Ull de Tramuntana